• Who don what?
  • I think a person should always speak to their doctor if they are depressed, for they can then be referred to other therapies, or be given medication, which will help them. 5% of adults globally have or do suffer with depression and the cause of it has many different reasons. Maybe someone doesn't question why a person is depressed, because they don't care, or are frightened it's catching. But considering the percentage, it shouldn't take long to find someone who is understanding, but I should imagine they'd still suggest seeing the doctor.
  • Maybe they are depressed themselves and don't need your depression weighing them down even further. Maybe they think its none of their business. Maybe they know they can't fix your mental illness. Maybe they don't want to hear people whine about their depression. Maybe that's all you talk about and they're tired of it. Frankly I think you need to examine why you feel the need to control how others feel about you. Maybe they know if they talk to you about it its not going to make any difference because you don't listen and come back the next day complaining again no one is coddling your feelings. It doesn't matter WHY they have a right to choose to feel and do whatever they want. Its not o.k. for you to try and control the feelings of others to suit yourself. And like I told you before knowing why doesn't change anything and it doesn't fix your depression or your pathological need to control the feelings of others. How many times have you asked this same question in one form or another? And the doctor is the solution. Lay people are not trained to provide mental health help, and as you can see its only upsetting you that they don't respond the way you want them to. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DON'T LISTEN!

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