• Sure helps with equations and calculus
  • maybe cause math is hard
    • Majid Alqassim
      But why? Why is it thought to be hard? more so than any other subject?
  • Which people do this? You've provided no link to any evidence your supposition is correct. I've never personally seen an IQ test that was more focused on math than language, science or arts. And most math is not difficult for me. My supposition is that you don't like math or math teachers so you made this all up just to criticize them. If their articulation is the issue then read the book and learn that way! And if you'd spent the time it took to write this studying your math you'd be smarter instead of no smarter.
    • Majid Alqassim
      My source is media, and the people I've my life and the internet .. I ask genuinely out of wonder. and not to attack anyone in particular....I just want to understand why is it so common to think that math is difficult....difficult to process.... I also have many foreign friends who also have this Idea... For example I haven't met anyone who said history was difficult...but I met a ton who think math is. and when you do good at math people will all be like oh, you're so smart. because you know math, my question is why is it always math that's a problem and not any other subject?
  • Its one reason to avoid their lack of common sense. You can be a math wizard but can't tie your own shoes.
    • Majid Alqassim
      Do you think math is hard? in the large plethora of movies and tv shows I've seen, math geniuses are always the socially awkward kids that wear glasses. and the cool kids are the ones that are intellectually dumb and are all about sports.... why is being good with numbers always mean being awkward? and why do so many kids in real life dread math so much? Who's to be blamed for such negative notions and what do you think can be done to fix it?

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