• Never. Stopped doing that few years ago. Everything can now be bought on debit or credit card. Or a check. Cash is pointless. It only has bacteria and coronavirus on it. I keep seeing people holding signs for help at the red light but I never have any cash at all -- that's unfortunate.
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      ..germs dont stay on money for long anyways different to seats in public spaces or lift buttons etc etc etc ..dont touch ya face with dirty hands and you will be fine
  • i always do, i prefer cash.its nice stuff:)..... and i suppose kids will love it too, as they like to save pocket money up
  • Yes...out of necessity for my job. I don't use cash unless it's needed.
  • No, I use the Debit/ Bank card
  • All ways I've been stuck at the servo a few times due to the network being down with no cash to pay.
  • Yes, it's the backup system. I also pay for gas with cash to save a dollar.

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