• i never watch the games anyways but not cause of that
  • I am not a football fan and don't watch football. I do however support those players who kneel at the anthem. It is their way of protesting unfair practices.
    • Thinker
      If I were there I would kneel.the anthem glorifies war which is what America seems to enjoy so much and loves to start wars for.
    • Archie Bunker
      What I don't get with it all is that they were hired to do a job. That is not the place to be "exercising their right to protest." Funny you don't hear about them "protesting" in the off-season. Or spending their millions to actually support the cause they claim to be protesting for. I guess it's not that important.
  • If kneeling during the anthem takes place I will not support them. Face it, if they were being discriminated against they wouldn't be in the NFL! Should we start kneeling during NFL games to protest NFL player brutality?
    • Archie Bunker
      We should not be supporting the NFL. No game tickets, no sports apparel, no endorsed products, not even watching it. Then we can listen to hear them crying about how they can't afford to make their Lamborghini payments anymore on their $20million salaries, instead of crying about the racial injustice in an industry that has produced more black millionaires than any other industry.
  • I never watch football, and now, I'm doubly sure not to watch. I guess that if Foster was arrested for brutality to his lover, he'd cry, "Police Brutality!"
  • I didn't watch a game since Joe Montana and Joe Namath played. I found other enjoyment plus a life .

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