• I don't need to go to a church to be spiritual. Praying outside on my back porch is just fine.
  • I thought I could sing until I get to church. I don't know if it's the key the music is played or my voice isn't good with hymns 😏
  • i do go but inn not nnuch of a singer
  • Thank you,s
  • In Christendom churches, why carry a tune when all you hear are cell phone incoming calls and notification sounds during church service?
  • I carry the tune of an eager beating heart, awaiting to unite with it's Beloved. We go to Church to meet the one we love, Who loved us first. The bride must always be with it's groom. When you love someone you always have a meeting place where both parties can consolidate.
  • "Every little cell in my body is happy.........." just came to mind. Actually my Sundays at "Church" is mostly silent meditation, although the facilitator this morning shared a chant for the first 10 minutes, then silence.

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