• Also, there are times we get electrical surges that the electricity goes off for 2 minutes then comes back on...Thanks for your help
    • Army Veteran
      Happens at my place, also - I, too, live in an apartment that was originally a house. Years ago, I first experienced the phenomenon. It ended up being a bad transformer that was about to explode. I'm expecting the same thing to happen again. It sure gets annoying when you're on the computer and have to reset clocks afterward.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you , Glad for your comment
  • Power drops and blinking lights are usually due to a heavy electric load on a switched circuit, such as from a refrigerator or air conditioner compressor. Unless there is something very unusual in the building, or you have generator power, frequent 2-minute blackouts are caused by issues outside and should be reported to the electric utility provider.

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