• When I’m at my desk, ten times out of ten I’m looking down at my paperwork and I don’t even look at Sheila. Yet she acts like I’m always looking at her and bothering her. I catch her looking at me when I’m working. I don’t watch people per se but if I sense someone walking by I will Look up to see who it is. But when Sheila comes out of her office, I don’t look up at all. I catch her looking at me when I’m working too.
  • Sounds like you need to confront Christina since she was the one who lit the fuse. If there's nothing in what you're doing, then have her educate Sheila.
  • 10% of people aren't going to like you no matter what you do. I focus my attention on those that do and disregard those that don't. Unless they decide to start something with me, then I will turn and become defensive. If you think she would try and get you fired, I'd surreptitiously record myself and / or her for my defense. Its easily done these days.

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