• Probably the big dog lying on the floor next to me. He would be the first line of defense while I go to get my shotgun to back him up. He might not even need my help, but I'd hate to see him get hurt.
  • An I-phone XR in an otter box protective case or a half empty can of oven roasted pecans. I would probably be better off just handing him the phone because by the time he figured out how to get it out of the protective otter box case to take a picture i could be a mile away even at normal walking speed.
  • At the moment I read the question, the handle attached to my desk drawer...which would be completely useless in that scenario.
  • A heavy glass ashtray. It would be a better weapon in my right hand.
    • Linda Joy
      I just assumed most people would have their right hand on a mouse.
    • Professor Yaffle
      Good point!
  • My Bible it is next to me all the time
  • It would be my book, it is not very big and I don't think it would help me very much.
    • Linda Joy
      If its thick enough it can stop a bullet.
  • The thing closest to my left hand would be my left wrist and is probably not very effective at fending off a burglar.
  • Left hand? Shinken by my bed. Right hand, I'd have to take five steps into the bathroom, and grab the machete.
  • The 'A,S,D,F,and Spacebar' on the keyboard.

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