• When people have been active all their lives, they often hate the thought of being forced into retirement. In some people, it actually causes depression, which leads to a shorter lifespan. By 80 years old, they're usually not looking for a lot of money - just something to do to keep stay active.
  • I've had elderly people work for me in my company. in almost every case, they were a widow or widower, and being at work around other people took away the loneliness of being at home alone. I find that they are great employees, always on time, nice to other people, and usually very wise/compassionate.
  • Some older people aren't content to watch TV or work in the yard. I used to work with an old man who had retired a long time ago. Although he had a lot of money, he couldn't stand to sit still. He took a job as a door greeter at Walmart, and became certified to prepare tax returns on the side.
  • Beats staying home and listening to the wife.
  • maybe they just need a little extra to pay for their healthcare and comforts. working also keeps their minds functioning.
  • Obviously because they want to or need to.
  • Because it takes their mind off dying
  • They want to have a purpose in life.
  • I know a lot of older people who work just because they can't imagine just staying home all day. They've tried volunteer work, but they want a job for which they are compensated, no matter how little. It makes them feel valued and socially/economically useful. I know a former teacher who works in a museum gift shop and a former computer programmer who's a cashier at a drug store. They LOVE their jobs, which bring them into constant contact with the public and involve interesting conversations and experiences. I admire them for continuing to work. Why not, as long as they are healthy and able?
  • they like to keep busy
  • My Mom worked until she was 76. Social Security didn't pay her enough so she had to work. She was also a very socially active person until she died. She didn't want to give that up. 😄 BTW, my sister is doing the same thing.
  • To supplement their income and to stay busy.

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