• You should let this fact completely wreck your day. TBD on Answerbag points! OMFG - the tragedy!
    • Shadow
      I'm not sure what you're getting at. I just want to know when there will be points visible on my profile.
    • Linda Joy
      He's not he can't help but troll no matter where he posts its always trolling. I think it may be a mental disorder.
    • Shadow
      Who are you talking about Linda Joy?
    • Linda Joy
      Orange don
  • Little known fact: "TBD" stands for "Take a Breath, Dude" (In other words: don't hold your breath.)
  • A quick look at my profile will tell you even though I've asked and answered thousands of questions it still says TBD. Then if you check other profiles they say the same thing. The closest thing we have to points is the weekly leader board.

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