• I'm just wondering why a sudden death in your family would lead to treat your friend badly, surely it should make you more appreciative. Saying words like "seem clingy" is not really owning your behaviour. I'd keep it shorter because it still seems like you are still trying to control with remarks "I'll happily give you a bit of space and time now." To date how much space and time have you given her since treating her badly? Have you actually looked into what it is in your character that led you to treat you friend this way. If you are insecure, (fearful) and that leads you to being controlling that's something you need to deal with. The best apology is the one that changes your behaviour so that you don't harm them again. Some time on your own is a good thing, it teaches you to deal with your feelings and to self comfort, and you should have some more eggs in your basket so you don't place everything upon one person.
  • There's too much childish stuff. Get rid of clingy and bugging for starters
  • From what I understand all you did was text this person who is supposed to be a friend because you were upset and wanted to talk to a friend who turned their back on you when you needed them most. If that's the case I wouldn't apologize! I'd never text them again unless they texted first and I'd find another friend... one who is going to be there for you when you need them. The last thing you needed at the time was to worry about your friendship with her in addition to the trauma you were experiencing. That's not a friend.

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