• If you have no lease, you're free to leave any time you want. But, if you trash the place when you leave, he's free to try to recover compensation.
    • Linda Joy
      Go help her out, Archie! Those neighbors give you any trouble punch their noses back into their own business and then throw that trash out too!! haha.
    • Archie Bunker
      What does it matter that neighbors are taking pictures of her throwing out the garbage? So what? Even if there was a lease, there is no way to stop someone from moving out.
    • Linda Joy
      exactly! You'd think the landlord would be thankful they're throwing the trash out!
  • I agree with Archie. Also you need to contact the housing authority in your area and see what is available. If you are low income they can help match you to programs for which you qualify. If you are a hoarder you need to get help. If you are trying to take care of a sick mother while working and have fallen behind on your housekeeping get help. Don't leave the place trashed that will follow you. Hire someone to clean it if you are not able or ask for help from your family or church or see if the social worker at the housing authority or DHR/DHS can find help for you and your mother. But your landlord can't do anything but try to recover his costs. And they can't take what you don't have. But if you leave any bills or judgements unpaid it can mess up your credit for a time. I think right now you need to focus on being safe and taking care of your sick mother which includes keeping a clean house. Maybe you can ask a friend to come over and help you clean out. And if you feel physically unsafe leaving call the police and tell them you're afraid and would like an escort or a presence while you move out. It could prevent anything bad from happening. And you might want to call the YWCA and see if they can help you find an apartment. I think they do that, too. Also call any homeless shelters near you to see if they have a housing program you may qualify for even if you don't want or need to stay there.
  • I'm sorry to hear that. Just try your best to stay quarantined. That's all I can say. I don't really know. It would be easier if I were in the situation myself.
    • Linda Joy
      No, it wouldn't be easier to be in the situation yourself.

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