• Amazingly, gun control isn't being brought up in the debates. Nor is immigration.
    • Linda Joy
      They just didn't get to it for all the second grade name calling. Trump got close when Biden claimed antifa was peaceful and Trump said "till you get hit in the head with a bat!" haha
    • Archie Bunker
      Those are major issues, but I'm sure they are also issues the dems want to stay away from. Kinda like court packing.
  • Sorry, but that is a good thing. Assume some rrationality is some of the people at least. Democrates let the riots go on and what results? Things like that St Louis couple on their front lawn. Is there anyone on here who would n't do the exact same thing, defend their lives, family, and property
    • Linda Joy
      I'd defend my family, but they can have my property as long as those I love are kept safe. I just can't believe they were indicted when they obeyed the law!! It was those who broke down the fence and trespassed and threatened them that broke the law!
  • When mindless Beto says "I am coming to take your guns" and mindless Biden says "He is my gun man if you elect me"---- Millions say I BETTER GET A GUN NOW JUST IN CASE If you were a sinlge mother would you depend on Beto to watch over your kids???
    • Linda Joy
      My son is grown. Gun sales went up exponentially when Obama took office as well. The only way they'll ever take our guns is if idiots keep voting for dems.

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