• poo😒😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓
  • I wouldn't wager a guess, since I'm sure there is something worse than anything I could dream up. When I worked at the Post Office, though, another employee the shift before mine had his thumb yanked off by the mail sorter machine, so we (2nd shift) had to take the machine apart and clean all of the blood and little pieces of thumb (skin, fat, etc) off of all of the belts. It wasn't super fun, as you can imagine - but, honestly, it wasn't as bad as cleaning up vomit or feces. The hardest thing for me to clean up was, well, when my wife's cat got really sick and had this jet black discharge that smelled like someone put a slaughterhouse into a sewer, and it got all over the carpet. It was not only disgusting, but was extremely difficult to clean thoroughly.
  • Cleaning my school bus after a child has thrown up all over the floor and not having enough soak-up clay to cover it and the puke trails up and down the floor under the seats until I get back to the bus base and able to wash it out the back door. Yeah this happened to me several times during my driving career. We were responsible to clean our own bus.

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