• Need to tinkle.
    • Linda Joy
      Number one answer!
    • Percussion
  • when they have to use the bathrnn
    • Linda Joy
      Number one answer!
    • andrehoss
      Very good ideas.
  • A loud birdfight. I have a group of buzzards (or vultures) that roost behind my house. Sometime around midnight, I awoke to this awful screaming sound. I opened my bedroom window and heard that the noise was coming from high up in the tall cottonwood trees. It sounded like a battle to the death. Finally it stopped. Then I heard the strangest thing -------- from the woods came a mournful sound-------- it was like a hundred whimpering puppies. (there are no puppies back there) I guess the whimpering sound was made by birds.
    • Linda Joy
      Not on the list, but interesting nonetheless.
  • The sound from my camera and heavy panting.
  • Messed up sheets / bedding
  • Hungry
  • Thinking Bret Kavanaugh is in the room?
    • Archie Bunker
      After carefully consulting your lawyer, who advised you 35 years later, when he was nominated for the Supreme Court. And don't forget the $1 GoFundMe page you just got. Because that's not a motivator.
  • If it were me, the accumulation of caffeine or background anxiety.
  • There can be a lot of reasons. Nightmare is one of the most common. But I'm feeling that anxious when I know that tomorrow is gonna be the day when I have to make some serious decisions and I can not sleep and even if I can fall asleep it won't take long.
  • Fire alarm sound.

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