• We nudists are not dumb. We all carry towels to sit on for hygiene reasons. Well we can use the towel to clean our glasses and we often sew a washcloth in one corner with a Velcro flap. We carry keys, change and whatever in that little pocket in the towel.
  • Fanny packs Shoulder bags Tote Beach bag How difficult to figure that out or were you just trying to be a smart mouth and get people to say they stuff things up their bums?
    • Linda Joy
      The first line about cleaning their glasses was the first thought that went through my mind the other two just seemed to follow. I knew thinker would answer this one for me if he were here. And yeah, I joke around, but honesty up my butt is not the first place I thought of. And the only smart mouth I'm hearing is yours!
  • It's why they walk around in pairs - one with long wavy hair to clean glasses with. They use their "natural pocket" to keep phones, keys and valuables, just like prisoners sneaking things inside, do.
  • I guess they hold onto them or tie them around their neck!
  • Lol. I don't wear glasses yet and my keys and phone I keep in my beach bag.
  • As thinker says naturists have towels. Phones, keys, wallets etc. usually in a bag or the pockets of the clothes we took off.

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