• Are you asking if its ok to keep products you didn't pay for because they didn't fix the errors of which you advised them? According to the Federal Trade Commission, if a business sends you something you didn't order you are allowed to keep it as a free gift. However, fixing their errors is their business and their responsibility. Yours is only to inform them, right? I don't think the two are related. Personally I'd inform them of the mistake and offer to send it back provided they pay postage or send someone to pick it up. But I also understand your frustration and feeling like they deserve it. lol Still, somewhere in your mind you have questioned whether this is right or you wouldn't have asked the question. You even stated that you believe in doing the right thing. Well, the FTC says its not illegal. So the rest is up to your conscience.
  • i would just nnail stuff back to thenn

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