• Glad he's dead.
    • Linda Joy
      Capitalism wins again! Hahaha!
    • Archie Bunker
      In this case it might be just plain old fashion greed. Or maybe even just someone who thought he was an asshole like his dad.
  • Not sure what to make of what you said. I'm vague as to whom or what you are referring. Hazma was killed in 2019. I'm aware of two other sons of his who were killed under similar circumstances at earlier dates. There may be more of which I'm not aware, since Osama bin Laden had more sons than I can track in my memory banks, maybe a dozen. But you didn't say "Osama," so maybe you mean another bin Laden, which is not far fetched, since this is a huge family, many of whom are noted in the news for widely varying reasons. I would be surprised if there was only ever one person whose father had the last name "bin Laden" who also had a one million dollar bounty placed on them by any organization (you didn't mention that either).
    • Linda Joy
      "I'm vague as to whom or what you are referring." That's not true. You knew EXACTLY to whom I was referring! But go ahead babble on about exactitude I know you enjoy it.
    • bostjan64
      You are suggesting that you know my thoughts better than I do. And you still have not clarified. How incredibly obtuse!
    • Linda Joy
      "But you didn't say "Osama," so maybe you mean another bin Laden" You CLEARLY STATED to whom I was referring! So you absolutely knew!! DUMBASS!
    • bostjan64
      Linda, you are clearly angry in this situation because you feel insulted. You feel insulted, perhaps, because you were not aware how many bin Laden's have been relevant in the news lately. Osama bin Laden died in 2011. As I stated already, he had over a dozen children, several of whom had been in the news cycles since his death. He also had an even larger number of brothers, uncles, nephews, sisters, nieces, aunts, daughters, etc., as well as grandchildren - any of whom could pop up in the news at any moment. If you are so offended that I asked you to clarify your vague question, then maybe you should take a look within yourself before you attempt to have any sort of civil interactions with other people on the internet. Have a nice day.

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