• She's a jackass. She's not helping his approval rating, but just showing the people what a bunch of whiners the left is. It will help in 2020 though, when he plays the patriotic card.
  • I didn't watch the women's World Cup. Women's soccer does not catch my attention in comparison to the men's World Cup in which I am a fan of. I did hear about the Rapinoe controversy in a news app. What I think when I read the news article, it is a disgrace to display her Anti-American sentiment behavior. There goes the ratings to say No. Knowing the US men's team is not good enough to win a World Cup (due to), the men's league is 5X faster and stronger: female Americans can at least have bragging rights in soccer, rather than follow and diminish the country in political disagreement.
    • Archie Bunker
      Agreed. I think that's the main reason they don't get the same money, which is another thing they're bitching about. If you don't draw the crowds, you're not gonna make the same money. All their "Anti-USA" BS is turning a lot of people away.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Being a women, I believe in equal pay. It just shouldn't be hyped up in soccer. For one thing, and I know the ladies reading are going to hate me: it isn't too impressive for the women's team to win the World Cup. They simply have the advantage in sponsorship. Sponsors have so much power in the sporting world. Leagues and television networks and players all need the sponsors to survive. If the women's league receive the same amount of money as the men, it is obvious the men are going to demand more money to stay on top. Eventually, greed will ruin the sport of soccer in the US for both genders. That includes other sports.
    • Linda Joy
      I wouldn't watch soccer anyway. I think her being disrespectful of the system that put her where she is and afforded her the opportunity and wealth she has accumulated BECAUSE OF THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM is absolutely stupid. If she wants to live in a socialist country where everyone gets the same pay for the same job she'd be working for minimum wage. IDIOT!! And for Trump not to blast back at her ignorance shows great restraint on his part IMHO. And I think the fact that he appears to be learning to refrain from shooting off his mouth shows growth and is part of the reason for his increased approval rating. Just sayin'
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Linda Joy, you made some interesting points in socialism to speak of minimum wage. As the men have always been on the spotlight, the meteoric rise in women’s sports has been a positive role to inspire young girls. Playing sports shouldn't be about greed and envy. It should be for the love of the game and nationalism for any country, despite of a county's political system. With the US women's soccer team demanding equal pay, other women's teams from softball, basketball, tennis or any other sport you can think of will also follow. Not just that, women in sports from many countries will AT LEAST try to demand equal pay. The men for sure will not be happy about it, so demanding equal pay will end up to be a JOKE.

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