• They question reliability of the tests, which is what they're already doing.
  • Only when the fake news reporters are in perfect shape (also unbiased)
  • Here's a guy who reportedly wolfs down cheese burgers like they are going out of style yet his height and weight are exactly the same as many professional athletes who work out daily and look like total stud muffins. And I know of no tests that identify the quality of one's genes yet Trumps are "superior". Why would anybody doubt these findings?
  • That doctor should get his medical license taken away. Trumpster superior genes. He's full of it. Full of fastfood burgers lol
  • Then "Dr" Ronny is a fake doctor. It's not medically possible to be "a little overweight but healthy" - you can only be one or the other. The so called "cognitive test" was rather a joke and not based on any standardised testing mechanism. It seems Trump is trying to make reality a lie and his fantasy the new reality. Scary times as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin tried the same thing
    • Hardcore Conservative
      It actually is possible to be a "little over weight" and still be healthy. Having a spare tire around your waist doesn't mean you're unfit to do a job or that you're going to die soon. And the Montreal Cognitive Assessment is used by the National Institutes of Health, so I guess it's pretty standardized. Hitler? Really?
  • not sure why everyone thinks hes not healthy
    • Victorine
      Obesity isn't healthy, for one thing.

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