• maybe i should do that since noone wants to hire me
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Sorry. That only works for millionaire crybabies.
  • Well, thanks to his antics there may not be a union much longer or an NFL for that matter But I'm sure it was worth it to him right? There were a hundred different ways they could have used Their platform to effect positive change, but they chose to disrespect our flag instead and it backfired on them. I have no sympathy for them at all.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Neither do I. I, for one, stopped watching my team when guys took a knee. It was only a few, but it was enough for me to stop supporting them. When you thing about it, professional sports has made more black millionaires than any other industry, and in an industry like football, where 70% of the players are black, so I'm not sure why they think they're in a rigged system. Just imagine what would happen if the owners had to cut a percentage of the black players in order to let in more white players to make the teams more "racially diverse." Do you think there'd be protests over racial diversity then? Doubtful.
    • Linda Joy
      They couldn't even agree on why they were protesting or what conditions needed to be met to end it. It was ill conceived and poorly organized.
  • He had all summer to look for a job. And with the money he already has anyone else would live off it.
    • Archie Bunker
      He was too busy protesting in the off-season. Oh wait....nevermind.

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