• Some lying Democrats.
  • I don't know who said that, but a lot of economists said it would increase inflation. Compared to last year, inflation is about 1.5%, which is pretty much average. We are under an inverted yield curve right now for bonds, which means that the US treasury is charging lenders. This is a bizarre situation that is usually horrible news for the economic growth of the next decade or so.
  • Every person that hates Trump.
  • Not all jobs are created equal. Many jobs lost with good pay and benefits and new jobs (sometimes the same ones without benefits or good pay. Statistics can be very misleading that way.
    • Linda Joy
      $15/hr min. wage will do that, too!
    • Archie Bunker
      $15/hr will help a few people. For small businesses, it will mean lost jobs.
  • not sure who said it
  • If the trade war did anything to the economy, we should start feeling it in the next month or two, but the numbers won't start being published until well into Q4, so we'll know just barely in time for the election cycle to fire up. It could be a big win for Trump if all of the economists were wrong about inflation. Just hope no one is buying bonds right now! A $50 bond bought in March 2019 is worth $49 in March 2029. You're better off putting a $50 bill in the cookie jar than investing it at the moment. It's a very odd situation, truly.
    • Archie Bunker
      Don't invest in bonds, stick with the stock market, which has 2019 as the highest in market history so far.

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