• Chirp chirp. Lol. But you know how the political people get away with things we would not get away with.
    • Archie Bunker
      Socialism only applies to the people, not the socialist.
  • The issue seems to be whether using a non-monitored email server rose to the level of gross negligence, when the rules at the time were conflicted on the use of a private server. Comey claimed that prosecutors were not firm on that definition. Now, objectively, was there anything about that server that necessarily exposed national security and was there anything related to personal gain. On the former, it is obvious that Wikileaks was able to grab hold of many thousands of emails, so the risk turned out to be real. The DNC suffered the same exposure. On the latter, the server appears to have been used as a false sense of security; no ulterior motive has been documented by the various investigations. But is this actionable?
    • Archie Bunker
      The rules are actually pretty clear, 'shroom. Comey saw a "conflict" when it applied to Hillary. And when you look at the DNC and HRC, both refused to cooperate with the FBI when investigating the hacked servers. Now whey would that be? And following the law, you don't need an "ulterior motive." You don't have to show intent, only that it happened.
  • Now, to turn that argument around, have any of the various "witchhunt" investigations turned out anything actionable on Trump? A House resolution aimed to determine if the China tariffs ordered by Trump were in any way exempting his personal interests, because clothing was exempted. The exemption was broadly applied to clothing, not just licensed items, and clothing was among categories that were determined to affect American consumers directly, so there didn't seem to be much behind the claim other than the fact that Trumps' and Ivanka's products were also made there. The resolution died, unexplored further, at the end of the Congressional session.
    • Archie Bunker
      None of the witch hunts have turned up dick. Even Meuller isn't coming up with anything and this is a guy who's power is pretty much absolute. Nada. But when you have a DOJ and FBI who is sympathetic to the person, do you really think that they're putting their efforts info doing a fair investigation? C'mon now.
  • And in a related tangent, should the Mueller report be released in the interest of full disclosure, as resolved unanimously by the House, or should a summary by Barr be considered good enough?
    • Archie Bunker
      The House can pass their useless vote because all it did was reaffirm the law. Barr should follow the law. And he said he will. If Congress doesn't like it, then they're actually the ones who have the power to change it.
  • The Lunatic Left fake News Media tries to make Hillary Clinton a saint and Donald Trump a devil. It is only to be expected that the evil media would ignore this. They should be prosecuted.
  • irn not surprised

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