• i dont think so
    • OmiZ101
      Sorry, but your answer is most definitely to broad. I really don't understand which side you're on by simply saying "I don't think so". Please take your time to answer with consideration.
  • Yes. You are most definitely overreacting. This is all part of life, dude. Get used to it.
    • OmiZ101
      Thank you for your comment. I really need to start getting over these small issues, but ever since kindergarten, my school mates bullied me and when I started middle school, my parents started to verbally and physically hurt me for the pettiest reasons. My self esteem is low, to confess, so these situations can hurt me a lot. I'm now in 8th grade and in a new school with better friends, and my self-esteem is now raising. My parents, unfortunately, have never changed. It still hurts me when my parents "bully" me. Thank you for helping me a little with my pains
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm always skeptical when kids nowadays say they are being bullied. Especially by their parents. (I hear the same thing from my daughter who is about your age). Most times it's not bullying. It's parenting. Parenting isn't a popularity contest. Your parents are not there to be your buddies. They're there to make you a responsible young man. Another part of life that you'll need to get used to.

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