• Yes, it has. He is doing better than I expected.
  • Not at all!
  • Definitely! I didn't pay much attention till people started bashing him. Then I looked up the numbers and while he's an obnoxious loudmouth jerk sometimes and he's still learning how to be POTUS, The numbers show things are getting better for America. Sadly I don't think it will ever be "great again" in my lifetime. What do you think?
    • Anonymous
      Yes, I am all for Pres' Trump & believe the US shall go from strength to strength. Trump has put a lot of people around the world in their place by refusing to pay their bills. Also, he makes me laugh with his non-political talk.
    • Linda Joy
      It's not a toupee! It's my hair! Lol
  • i dont really have an opinion on him since i dont really know much about him
    • Anonymous
      You do live in the USA, right, also close to Trump Plaza, :)
  • Yes. I knew he would be a better choice than hillary, but am surprised at how effective hes been in certain areas as well.
  • Not in the least. He is secretly killing the USA and bringing us closer to Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030
    • Archie Bunker
      How's that working out so far?
  • I always thought he was since he enjoyed auto racing. My family met him in atlantic city years ago,they said he acted like a real human,not a robot.
  • YES......a pleasant surprise....he actually started...from the beginning doing what he said he would.....and didnt go out on a butt kissing apology tour .
  • Yep. He's getting more done that I thought he would. Obviously he was the better choice over Hillary, and he wasn't my first choice when the field was broader. But I knew his background and knew we needed a businessman in there, not a politician.
  • About the same. I never thought he'd be as bad as most people made him out to be, but he's still a morally bankrupt billionaire who has no idea how to run a nation. What does amaze me, though, is how absolutely polarized the American people are over him. 99.9% of the people I know either worship him or think he's the spawn of a demon. I just think he's a guy who is trying to do what he thinks is good for the nation, but refuses to listen to more logical people and therefore has ended up being an ineffective leader who has failed to broker the peace he promised in North Korea, failed to get the funding when he had the two year long chance for his border wall (which will be mostly ineffective anyway, since the majority of the problems it is supposed to correct are associated with checkpoints and not people hopping over the fence that's already there), failed to decrease the national debt as promised, and failed to bring manufacturing back to the USA. But, he has significantly simplified the tax code and significantly reduced environmental protections, which he also promised to do, even though only one of those things benefits me in any way. He also has donated all of his presidential salary to charity, which is admirable, although he's not the first president to do so (Herbert Hoover was, and he was graded by history to be a pretty crappy president himself).
    • Archie Bunker
      Hoover is judged as ineffective because he failed to act in the beginning of the Depression.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Hoover was also friendly but ineffective with the US's major political enemy in East Asia at that time, Japan. Hoover was also famous for deporting a large number of immigrants and closing the borders. He actually has more than a couple of things in common with Trump. He also put a lot of effort into curtailing government spending and touted his own extreme personal wealth as a credential (he was worth over $100 million adjusted for inflation to 2019). However, he also was adamantly pro-temperance,

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