• Trump is a business man. He is "handling" Kim in a business sort of way. He is not allowing Kim to jerk him around. Whatever Trumps personal opinion is of Un, he is not sharing it with us at this time.
    • Ice man
      I guess you haven't been following the news. In a business sort of way? He basically got down and licked Kim's ass, and got nothing for it in return, except a brown nose......
    • Linda Joy
      You're just mad because now you're sitting on all those bomb shelters you invested in and no longer have a demand for them! Lol
    • Ice man
      Silly Girl. I'm not at all mad, and I'm sitting on a very comfortable executive chair inside my bomb shelter. I was going to sell it .... but I might yet need it because your orange buffoon can't control his mouth, or thumbs. Now that he's licked Kim's ass ... he wants to go to Russia to lick Putin's ass too. I guess that's makin' America great again and winning bigly ?
  • have no idea since i dont know him
  • I like comedy. but I hope his words have a good ending.
  • Just another lie in a long line of lies.
    • Ice man
      What's really amazing is that he believes all this shit that he makes up and lies about daily.
    • Thinker
      Someone has to believe it. I don't buy into his lies and hate.
    • Charin Cross
      Trump had him under better control than Biden. Un is launching ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan and his sister is basically calling Biden a p***y.
  • About the same as the media making Jong Un's daughter out to be an idol.The media slammed the President for ignoring that scum.
  • probably

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