• Watching those two boosters land simultaneously standing straight up is like something from Buck Rogers. They're calling the next one BFR - Big Freakin' Rocket for sure.
    • Linda Joy
      do you think they'll be able to adjust the trajectory?
    • mushroom
      Do you mean to have to make an emergency landing somewhere else? I think they already demonstrated barge landings, though not with nearly as much success as landing back at the ground base. But with self-driving cars and drones buzzing about, it won't be long before these landings become routine, maybe even a new mode of commuting!
  • Fantastic. Another step toward space exploration.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you think they'll be able to adjust the trajectory?
  • i dont know anything about it
    • Linda Joy
      that's why I provided a link so you can click on it and learn more if you choose to.
  • One of the most amazing things I've ever seen. They should give Mr. Musk a knighthood.

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