• Funny you should ask. I just began reading a book "Law and Society," which will cover that topic. Apparently there are many different aspects of the Law: including how laws are made, whether through logic, tradition and or morals. I look forward to learning these basic things regarding the law.
    • Roaring
      Look forward to hearing more about your studies
  • Social justice is now the PC term for equality of outcome. It's been hijacked by the liberals.
  • i think we should have social justice
  • In regards to?
    • Roaring
      To see how "equal rights under the law" impacts you and your interests, and how it shows in your community
  • One thing that stands out that affects true representation. "Citizen United" decision in 2010 which allowed unlimited funds being spent by corporations and unions is like an elephant stepping on one side of the scale of justice. [[ Corporations are Not People, and Money is not free speech ]]
    • Archie Bunker
      You cannot choke out free speech just because it comes from a corporation or a labor union. Even the ACLU agrees with that.
  • Some people find ,repent and believe the gospel, offensive. If their house was on fire and they were sleeping, wouldnt they want to be woke up?

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