• Raw kidney. Not out of politeness though, but curiosity. Done with that
  • Years ago I was in a fancy restaurant in Soul, Korea with several American importers in the same industry I was in. We had all had several drinks and the conversation was getting loud and rowdy. Food was served on a big turn table in the middle of the dinning table and we took want we wanted from many different dishes. There was a funny looking fish dish among the other dishes that the guys I was with began loudly laughing at and making fun of how terrible the dish looked. We were foreigners and their rude attitude was loud, obnoxious, and made me angry. So I spun the turn table around, scooped up a chunk of that weird fish thing, and quickly ate it in one bite. I wanted to show those guys it wasn't so bad. It was, however, absolutely the most terrible thing I ever put in my mouth. I had made a scene, everybody was looking at me, and no choice but to give it a couple quick chews and swallow it down. It was unbelievably horrible and I was very lucky I didn't throw up! I guess I sort of made my point...?
  • spider cuisine. Don't google it if you don't have a strong stomach.
  • Some home-made pizza that my mom'a friend's husband made. He was on a low-salt, low cholesterol diet and his pizza was unbearable! He also made some salt-free peanut butter in his blender and that was pretty awful, too. I was 12 at the time and would have gotten,in trouble if I had refused to try it or if I had said anything unfavorable about the pizza or peanut butter!

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