• my parents are both gone and theres questions i wish i had asked them
  • Before he kicked when I was 35 I asked him really every question I could think off. The thought that he might be gone always popped up in my head. Our DNA is not very good so maybe that's why I did what I did back then.
    • Roaring
      Glad to hear you did this. My father was quiet reserved man and i mirrored this back and was mostly quiet.
    • ARTICFOX700
      My was quiet as well but in public he was everyones friend when he got in the house he would tell me " this guy is full of"" He also had a way of hitting things right between the eyes which was not fun. But too bad you never asked your father any of the things I asked mine,like favorite color, number, flower etc anything which popped into my head.

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