• no, cause i usually watched whatever i wanted
  • Yes, and then I got married and my wife took over. She doesn't really hog the remote . . . except at Christmas time when Hallmark is showing their Christmas movies (chic flicks).
  • 8-25-2017 I remember when there was no choice: there was only one station.
    • Linda Joy
      I remember having three channels.
    • Jewels Vern
      That was when there were certain words you couldn't say on tv. And there was a play on Broadway named "Damn Yankees". So on tv they had to call it "Darn Yankees".
    • Linda Joy
      Lol I remember Ricky and Lucy having to have separate beds and they couldn't use the word pregnant my how times have changed!
  • I remember back when it didn't make any difference...we had only one station. It came on at 4 PM and off at 11 PM. Additional: the station was XELD from Matamoros, Mexico
  • Yep. And I make the decisions now.
  • Yes. One Television we all watched together. The coolest was when me and little sis were able to stay up till past 2am to watch the first man on the moon.

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