• I do now. : )
    • Linda Joy
      Was it for health reasons?
    • Boola Boo
      My sweetie decided it was time I learn to cook something different. hahaha before he "put's a ring on it."
    • Linda Joy
      If sweetie wants something different then shouldn't he be the one to learn how to cook it?
    • luis._.bo1
      Ur so straightfoward! XD
  • I am sort of a self taught to cook. I love to cook. One of my all time favorite TV personalties is or was Graham Kerr. I have several of his shows on VCR tapes.
    • Linda Joy
      What do you cook?
    • Rick Myres
      You name it I cook it. My first time to ever make beef stew with no recipe I scorched the beef before using it for the stew and everybody loved it. Including me. Mom used to scorch the oatmeal by accident and I do it on purpose for that flavor.
    • Linda Joy
      I do that with beans
  • I used to enjoy cooking, not that I was good at it but I tried. now that I live alone and getting older (You know) I don't cook much anymore. It is just easier to go out for dinner in the evenings.
    • Linda Joy
      Going out is not easier for me. I don't have a vehicle. But cooking for one is an adjustment to make especially since I was used to cooking for so many more! But I've learned to portion things up and freeze it. But a lot of the times I'll just eat a potato or a piece of fruit or something rather than cooking an entire meal anyway.
    • Thinker
      I hear you and what you are saying. I don't have the room to do much and no room to freeze anything. I am severely restricted in space as I live in a 30 ft. 5th wheel RV trailer.
    • Linda Joy
      Its paid for though, right? No rent payments.
  • no, id rather microwave
    • Rick Myres
      My microwave is what I use most of the time. I learned to cook with them instead of only heat things up.
    • Linda Joy
      They don't heat up the whole house, either!
    • Rick Myres
      I know they don't that is my main reason to use it.
  • Yes. Very well. It was actually my grandmother who taught me. Well actually, she taught us all to cook. She did not consider a person who cannot cook as worthy of calling themselves a functional human being - only a parasite living off the good grace of others.
  • Oh, so many questions. But I would love to talk anything about cooking food. So, yes I cook. And I enjoy it like hell. I'm definitely good at it. And I'm so excited to tell you guys about my cooking companion. It's the website Living Foodz. It consists kitchen hacks, food recipes, reviews, listicles of best regarding food, etc.
    • Linda Joy
      Wiki says they are based in Mumbai. Don't suppose they cook American dishes on that channel?
  • I used to but now it is easier to just "nuke and serve"
  • Very little, I prefer someone else doing the cooking!
  • More like heat stuff up! Lots of salads!
  • I learned to cook in the 3rd grade. It was one of my chores to do when I got home from school, because my parents were both at work. There are times that I enjoy it, but I have to be in a certain mood.
  • I usually only cook noodle soup for a late night snack.

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