• That's more of a proverb than an idiom. An idiom involves a phrase whose plain reading does not describe the intended meaning, such as "off the wall," or "by the skin of your teeth."
    • Cry me a River
      Ok, How,s this for an idiom...? Touched by an angel (looking death in the face)
    • Linda Joy
      How about "Keep your eye on the ball" or "You're really on the ball today!" I just remembered my ex saying he was amused when a polish guy he was working with got the idioms "That really gets under my skin" mixed up with "That really gets my goat" and ended up saying "That really gets under my goat!" lol
    • Cry me a River
  • Some times maybe or maybe not. I use to say like "Tit For Tat".
  • I'm sure I have. But I've also learned idioms are one of the hardest parts about learning English, so I keep that in mind as well when talking to someone. I found it interesting to learn that different languages also have different idioms. For example "getting caught red handed" in English means the same as "getting caught with your hands in the dough" in Spanish.
  • no, i dont use thenn

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