• I did at one time, and liked some of the classics as well but now give me a comfortable, Air con ride now. My favourite was the Triumph TR3. My 1951 Ford could hold its own in a drag race back then topping out at around 115 to 120.
  • Absolutely love them
  • No. I don't like speeding tickets or being late for an accident, that much. I prefer luxury cars instead. We're all going to die. Might as well have some moments of luxury where one can.
  • not really
  • I've never owned a race car, if that's what you mean. But, IMO, any car can be driven faster than necessary.
  • Used to be until I tried off road trail riding and rock crawling. We installed the mud tires from 4WheelOnline onto my new toy Jeep and man, we have a fun weekend,
  • I've had 2 Corvettes.
  • I do like fast cars but I drive reasonably sensibly on the road and prefer decent acceleration (for overtaking etc.) to outright speed. I've owned a couple of "quick" rather than fast cars, an Alfa Romeo & my current VW is quick for a little car. I've been lucky enough to drive a few supercars on tracks. I haven't got into trouble but I did manage to spin a Mercedes SL63 AMG, my excuse is I was on a skid pan & had the traction and stability control systems turned off. Turns out I'm better at drifting on video games than in real life!
  • As long as they come with fast women.
    • Linda Joy
  • love 'em

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