• No, I do not like it. I had a boyfriend who was a painter, and he talked some about paintings. He tells me such radical modern art is a con game. Painters today have lost the techniques and skills of the past masters of painting and just do weird things and invent excuses for it. He said that Pablo Picasso admitted he was a mountebank selling trash to fools. The last great painters were in the Baroque period, and painting has deteriorated constantly since then.. Modern artists are children compared tot he Baroque masters. Eccentricity has replaced true creativity. The finest art communicates with everyone, while abstract art pretends to have its own language that few can comprehend. Even if that were true, it would destroy much of art's purpose.
  • Yes I do.
  • Some i do if I feel s connection to it.
  • No, I hate it. It's all a con game.
  • i like art but inn not sure what you nnean by abstract

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