• In most cases yes, they are saying, "I need you". Children need more love than adults although we all need love. I see too many children in need of love and wish I could express love to them without people thinking I am weird or a pervert. It brings great joy when I see parents with their children at their bus stops and the parents give their children a hug and a kiss. Many Catholic parents cross their children before they board my bus. Children need to know they are loved and wanted.
  • I was a kid once, my mother sent me to my room and to stay there. I went and thought 'I hate you' - shortly thereafter my mother came to my room and said 'don't you think you hate me'. I was astonished and was convinced she could read minds!
  • thats true
  • Nope. They really hate you.
    • Linda Joy
      it sure sounded like it when he said it! Broke my heart!
    • Hardcore Conservative
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, but as an adult he told me that he never questioned my love for him! I guess I did one thing right!

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