• No, because when I die I know I will go to a much better place thanks to Jesus Christ who has built a beautiful mansion to live in!
  • Only the body dies no fear here..... for I am not the body I simply live within it..... but am thinking probably a bit of sadness will ensue to leave this lifetime..... because of my attachment to it. HaHa
    • Linda Joy
      Looking forward to my resurrected body!
  • I'm not afraid of dying...I'm afraid of how long I'll suffer before the end.
    • Linda Joy
      A very real fear I try not to think about!
    • Linda Joy
      Looking forward to getting my resurrected body!
  • No I look forward to it, then they won't have me to kick around anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      WHAT? ! Who's kicking you around? ! Do I need to break out some whoop-ass here?
  • Yes I am afraid of dying my hair as I've just got it the right colour.
    • Linda Joy
      Once you dye your hair you have to keep on dying it. I Quit dying my hair back in my twenties.
  • Afraid ?!? HELL NO ! Or maybe I should say, HEAVEN no ! I've been looking forward to it. People are more afraid of the pain that could go with it.
    • Linda Joy
      I can understand that. After watching my mother suffer for years with cancer, I'd never put my boys through that. It's why I don't smoke cigarettes.

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