• I am. But her mother is only teaching her how to spend money. The schools are only teaching her how to sit and wait for the next handout.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart! At least you're trying! Way to go!
    • BRG
      I agree...IT'S PATHETIC THAT IN OUR GREAT COUNTRY there are fo many financially ill;iterate people!! I think 19 states have mandatory financial courses in their high schools, but it SHOULD BE IN EVERY STATE.......oh well, all we can do it hope it's done.....and soon!!!!!!
    • Linda Joy
      I think this should be the parents' job.
  • Yes, my daughter does well. My son treats money like it’s a hot potato. I don’t think schools have time to teach that, besides, each family has a different budget.
  • earn lots of cash is what i teach them. Don't just exist. thats going to get you no where.
    • Linda Joy
      A good work ethic is very important, but its just half of it.
  • I taught my kids to plan for the future.
    • Linda Joy
      Well yeah, but how? That's the substance of the question.

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