• just be thankful you have someone to marry, i never had that priviledge
  • Organization is the key to planning a wedding and staying calm. If I didn’t have all these wedding planning apps and friends to help me, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my calm throughout the process. This is YOUR big day and you DESERVE to enjoy every part of it! Don’t prioritize anything that doesn’t make you happy. You don’t want to invite some people at your wedding just for the sake of inviting, DON’T. No one will even remember anything once the wedding is over, but you will wish you hadn’t taken the unnecessary stress. If you don’t like a certain wedding theme, don’t make anyone to force you to go with it. Clear your head with early morning walks among nature and you will automatically feel the calmness overtake your entire body. Or you can also follow some rules here to make sure everything go as planned. For more updates, visit

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