• God allows each person to choose for themselves whether they want to go to Hell or Heaven he doesn't send them that's your choice. you also heard his plan in the pre-existence and you celebrated and you chose to come to this earth whether you choose to believe so now or not
  • I would've still wanted to be created, in spite of the risk of not finding Jesus before death - which causes the Hell sentence. There would also be the chance that you will be reconciled to God and become an official Son of God through adoption. I would've wanted the chance to see God's great creation. If you're never born then you'd never see the great wonder of...everything. The stars, oceans, colors, smells, sights like the Grand Canyon, or the sound of a child's laughter. Wouldn't want to miss out on - life.
    • Answerbag_fan
      You didn't even answer the question. Why did God make people knowing he was just going to ship them off to hell (and please don't bring in pre-destination' - that's a very old, tired one). Also, you might want to have still be born and risk hell, but I wouldn't take such a terrible deal (be on earth for 100 years if you're lucky vs eternity in hell? Bad deal). But God never gave anyone a choice, and that's my point and question.
    • Linda Joy
      He created us because he loves us. Men are that they might have joy! And the scriptures teach us how to have that more abundantly! We were sent to Earth to gain a body to have all these wonderful experiences that we never would have been able to have without a body and to grow up frankly. To learn how to love one another more deeply, to grow compassion and empathy. And also to learn, as I did in my youth, that anger, pain and suffering come from sin. I'm simply calmer, happier and more peaceful when I choose to walk with God.
    • Linda Joy
      Should I also added a disclaimer please don't mention anything that might validly defeat my erroneous claim? I won't. I respect your right to your opinion.
    • Answerbag_fan
      I think you answered that question with seriousness so not sure why you're only now suggesting otherwise with that last sarcy post? Anyway, again, you didn't answer the question, and we're on a website called ' in, answering questions, so it just seems odd you've posted a reply to a question yet don';t even answer the question. God is allegedly omnipotent an omnipresent. Yet he made people who had no choice in being born be, by default of being born, forced into an awful predicament not in their making at all. But God still made them knowing they'd be tortured in conscious torment forever and ever in hell (though, to be fair to the Christian God, the other holy book of the second largest monotheistic faith is very, very graphic in its descriptions of hell, and it's described more frequently)? I guess what you're really trying to covertly say in that post that God thinks of humans as a bit of a game and we're all pawns in his big grandiose story and opinion of himself? It's actually really manipulative and a type of blackmail actually. 'Loving' God (or other monotheistic deities)? Was he not happy enough with the angels he created? Maybe got a bit bored? Yeah well people being tortured in hell is awful. Have you ever burnt your finger or your hand on the top of the oven? Burns are some of the most painful things you can experience. If you've never seen someone with severe burns having the dressings changed - don't watch it. The agony of it...ugh. You know I think that truly terrible people can still have justice served without being rather than, say, being annihilated or something. Like that disgusting child killer in the film 'Changeling'. He was sentenced to hanging and the justice he got was tat he was genuinely terrified of dying to the point that he had to be partially dragged up the stairs. Then he had to just wait for the hatch to open, and he suffered a bit (not the easiest scene to watch). His last moments were filled with the same terror he inflicted on his victims. Isn't that enough of justice and there's no need for an eternal hell? Temporary hell for truly vile people where justice is truly served - yeah, cool with that.
  • God is a myth concocted by CAVEMEN. That's why. It might help to consider the numbers.... Why does the Spaghetti Monster In The Sky make billions of people just so he can burn them in teeth gnashing UNENDING agony (rather than just blot them out, like a decent spaghetti monster would do)? Well...the bible was concocted in a cave circa 300 BC. At that time, people thought "144,000" was actually a lot of people. They didn't know the Earth was a globe, they had no expectation of population growth (they expected the world would soon end). So...the idea of there some day being a total of 13 billion or more souls their god made just so he could burn them in UNENDING AGONY and laugh like an arsonist, wouldn't have occurred to them (or maybe it did, and they thought it was funny)(ok in some seriousness, obviously they wanted to frighten you into believing "or else", so thats why they wrote this horrible stuff, which has been creating atheists rather than obedience, for many years.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't understand why some atheists spend so much time and energy vehemently fighting something they claim doesn't even exist.
    • Anoname
      Your using a "Jehovah's Witness" interpretation of the 144,000. That is NOT the total number that will be saved. That's the number of Jewish converts to Christianity during the Tribulation period. 12,000 from each tribe. There is no limit as to how many will be saved. He wishes ALL to come to a saving knowledge of the truth.
  • The description portion of your Q asks, "If I had the choice of... on Earth...or would you rather not be born?" That was the Q I answered previously. Now your asking WHY God makes people at all when He knows some will be sent to - another place He made - Hell. Hell was not originally ment for any humans to go to. God first created Hell for the fallen angels. God was aware of Lucifer's desire to rebel and that He was covertly hinting to the other angels that he'd make a better "Father" but he hadn't actually done anything or outright said anything to cause desent prior to the incident in the Garden of Eden. No iniquity was found in him before that, but God was prepared as He knew Lucifer's heart and He had Hell ready. God had no reason to think man would be Lucifer's means of starting the rebellion. Once man ate of the fruit that he'd been ordered not to Hell was enlarged to be a place for rebellious humans as well. Since sin was in the blood -all of Adam and Eve's offsprings would carry the same rebellious tendancies. God knew us - and loved us - before the foundation of the world. He loved us so much He even had a contingency plan to reconcile humanity to Him should the need arise. This is where people ask things like why didn't God just make the rest of us without the sin nature within? Any true children of the first couple would've biologically inherited this in their blood. If God had made a duplicate of Cain and Able without the sin nature then they wouldn't truly be the offsprings of Adam and Eve whom God knew from the foundation of the world. They might look and sound the way the children would but they wouldn't have really been the offsprings of the fallen couple. One might ask, Why then allow the species to continue at all? God LOVED His planned humanity. He didn't want a sanitized duplication - He wanted US - the TRUE offsprings. He decided to put His contingency plan to redeem us into effect in stead. At least some of His planned humanity might accept His plan and be saved. Hell is for the rebels. Originally ment for any angels that would follow Lucifer once he started a rebellion, but expanded for human rebels as well. God loves us too much to not give us a chance to exist and come to Him. Satan is to blame for those who go to Hell. It's Satan who encourages men to pass on the chance to avoid Hell.
  • You're confused and rather deluded. . If God "made" people: then people are "robots" and thus do not have feelings or personalities in the first place. Putting them "in hell" is no different than chucking Barbie and Ken dolls in a fire that you no longer like. Never have atheists protested about that, have they? But actually, people (according to all major religious beliefs) were "created" rather than merely "made". Thus people have personalities and traits which they fill and develop into (or out of) themselves. It's this intent and willingness which can be judged as much as the deed itself. Hence even twins can become polar opposites in deeds and misdeeds because they are not merely "made". People choose their actions. It;s why we have courts and awards for people as well.

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