• Pray and ask God. The Spirit will testify of the truth.
  • i think god would tell rne
  • God is formless beyond existence yet the essence of existence.
  • The fact that the Bible states no man can see God at any time proves it would not be God ,John 1:18 No man has seen God at any time;+ the only-begotten god+ who is at the Father’s side+ is the one who has explained Him.+here is no need for God to appear to mankind he sent his son Jesus to the earth to teach the truth and to reveal to mankind what his son will accomplish by means of the Kingdom ,to get rid of evil on earth and bring peace and security to the earth . So there would be no need for alien ( which is very unlikely that they exist ) to present as God, God communicates with mankind through his word the Bible which is fully complete to what God’s will is and how we should conduct ourselves as his creation .

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