• "Morgellons": never heard of them..."Chemtrails": heard of them and could be happening..."flat earth:...flat earth is an interesting topic. Makes me wonder why all the pictures of Earth never look the same...And why all this sudden activity at the South pole?
  • The Earth IS flat my friends. I have seen it! I put suction cups on my sneakers and hands, and scaled the inside surface of The Dome (that which you think of as 'the sky') like Spiderman . And I saw the Ocean Water which space is actually made of, on the other side of God's plastic dome He keeps us in. And I feared my brother, for I saw God's hand moving, as He was pondering picking the dome up and shaking it around like a snow globe (because He's PISSED at those who blaspheme, claiming the earth is GLOBULAR!) GLOBULAR!!!!!!!!!!!??? ARE YOU NUTS!! IT'S FLAAAAAT PEOPLE!! I'VE SEEN IT!!!!!!! {frothing , praying (and masturbating just a little)}. Wait!! Did he say "mining asteroids" ?? MINING ASTEROIDS ????!!! BLASPHEMER!!!!!!!!!!! You can't MINE ASTEROIDS!!! The only thing outside the dome is sea water, dumbass fake scientist!!!!! The earth is flat! Flat flat flat! And so am I. (No really, I am. Do you see any "third dimension" to this typing? Well there's your proof. I am a 2-dimensional being, as are we all.) And also, on my excursions, I saw the holy tie down ropes, which keep the "moon" from drifting away in the cosmic tide. Perhaps one day we will figure out how to make a door in the dome and sail ships in the seawater which is "space"...but of course, where would we go???? To heaven perhaps, to see God - the Holy keeper of the third dimension!!! PRAISE HIM!! PRAISE THE GOD OF THE FLAT EARTH!! AND PRAY THAT HE MAY FORGIVE YOUR HEATHEN GLOBULAR BELIEFS. FOR THEY ARE LIES. ALL LIES!! THE EARTH IS NOT ROUND!!! ITS FLAT!!!! I have spoken. {masturbating really hard now} Hallelujah! !! Ooooh LORD!! CAN I GET AN AMEN!!! WOOOOOO!! SPPPRRRPPPTHHH.....>> {spooge emerges, but does not escape the confines of the dome(of course)}.. Alright , now everybody sing together! Ready? __"SHINE ON, SHINE ON BIG FLAT MOON..."UP" IN THE WATER!!!!!!!" ...Praise God! Praise him. (He has self esteem issues, and needs it. Give Him a break.). Woo! IT'S FLAT, SINNERS!!! FLAAAAAT!! AND IT'S ALWAYS BEEN FLAT (except for that one time!)..
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Forgive me Linda. That wasn't written towards you at all. Just something I had posted at a you tube about the earth being flat, and I pasted it here. Their idea of god is that we are in a snow globe of sorts, and they think space is made of sea water (they do, they cite Genesis as saying something about oceans below AND ABOVE....
    • Linda Joy
      They must have skipped Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, ....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh there you are! How you doin' today? How you feeling? Okay? I saw someone posted you a nasty answer to a breakfast question, and I thought maybe you had disappeared for a day or two. (I wasn't here yesterday myself.) (I've got a tired thing going on. *shrug*) But yea, don't take it personally when someone posts nastiness, because it isn't just here, it's anywhere you go on the internet, there will always be an occasional meany who doesn't view you as a person and just wants to post snipes as if they arent even talking to anyone.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I made a list at some point, of all the "theories" people are making beliefs of....It seems people don't feel they have control of anything, and don't feel those who do control things are being straight with them (or talking to them at all) they try to make sense by grasping at far fetched stories people come up with. During the election I kept running across people who were convinced that Hillary Clinton was actually a reptile in disguise (lol). And others who think the secret society that's in control is planning to kill a few billion of us to stabilize the environment. And etc. It's crazy. And it's shameful though, because if we were doing a half decent job of running our affairs AT ALL we'd have people feeling better about things and each other and their world than that!
    • Linda Joy
      I slept! It was magnificent!
    • Linda Joy
      The comment was removed. That was my goal. I just feel bad for those who may be teetering on the edge and that's all they need to push them over. Especially the kids. They already have another account. They're leaving nasty messages. I just tell them may God bless you and say a prayer for them. They're not going to get what they're looking for from me.
  • Sure the earth is flat. Just like Santa Claus is real. Oh and i got some great oceanfront property in Kansas to talk to you about.
  • No, but I do believe in peanut butter *CLAP* *CLAP *CLAP*
  • i dont
  • 9-12-2017 I believe in "electric universe" which is politely called "non-standard theory". Most scientists believe in gravitational universe, space weather, dark matter, and other things that are not observable.
  • I do not think such things are real, and neither do my friends. I could not be friends with someone who is so na├»ve that he believes such "onara"!
  • Some of that stuff is bullshit. Chemtrails. Flat earth. Illuminati. Do I think the government is plotting against it's people? No. They're too busy trying to take each other's jobs, let alone come after us. Is there stuff the government keeps from us? Absolutely, and some of that stuff should be kept from the people. Are there concentration camps in the US? Stoopid idea.
  • no, i only believe in real stuff, not sure what that is

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