• Oh boy ! You are talking about the "Grammar Nazis". To answer your question ... no I don't think it "merits" scolding people who make the occasional spelling error. Some people don't have a spell-check feature on the device they access the internet with, and there are also those who do their best when English is a second language to them. That being said - I don't have the time of day for any kid who thinks it's "kool" to text talk here. You may not have encountered the anal "Grammar Nazis" here yet, but we have a few who feel it's their duty to shit on anyone who happens to misspell anything. It must be nice to live inside their perfect world of bliss.
  • No I do not think that when people make spelling mistakes merits picking on people. I believe it is a form of being a bully.
    • Anoname
      I agree that it's like bullying. Makes them feel superior.
    • Rick
      Lol I thought I was doing a thumbs up for you but I got a blank on my comment. Anyway thumbs up to you.
  • I think I'm one of the people who always mis-spelled words out here. and had corrected by some of "grammar nazis". Too bad for people like me where English is just the second language. Anyway. We're trying our best here to connect with the communities. I'm thankful as well sometimes to those who corrects us in a right manner.
    • Anoname
      Done politely, it's okay.
    • Ice man
      I agreeee. :-)
    • Myang
      I'll become better with your language soon! :D
    • Myang
      to be specific . you're one of those polite grammar nazis :D
    • Anoname
      I mis-spell constantly. Sorry if you feel I'M a grammar nazi.
    • Myang
      no. its ok for me to be corrected by someone. In that way, i'll learn better. you do? i didn't notice it. hehe
  • There were mostly only a few people who did that. I think no but no question poor spelling and grammar adversely affects what people who care about such things think of you.
  • 3-18-2017 Bullying might be the only thing they do well!
    • Anoname
      Well said.
    • Myang
      very well said.

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