• Disc looks messed up. Disc: I am a 15 year old, overweight but also muscular, i've always been the type of a guy who does not care if someone insults him, hurts him. I was also picked as the "we need to move this somewhere" type. I was a cry baby when i was young and slim, then when i gained a lot of weight i realised, i should be the brave type, and that got in to me completly, i never cried from pain or anything, only from really sad things, like movies where dogs die. For the last couple of months i've been crying like almost everyday in the week, anything makes me cry these days, i'm talking about emotional stuff, someone is happy? I cry. Someone is sad, i cry. Something depressing (not just my depressions), i cry. Like, for some reason i just want to cry all the time, today i cried because my father told me to get better grades and i felt like he thinks that i'm not trying. Why is this happening? I've also noticed that i'm becoming more "bisexual" (not completly), could it be because of my hormones?
  • You've got a feminine side. It's not the end of the world. I suggest explore it instead of over-eating. And watch out who you cry in front of so you dont get beat.
  • Talk to your family dr. You can be blood tested for testosterone issues "Can low testosterone cause moodiness? Men with low testosterone can experience fatigue and commonly have mood swings,

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