• hey dear, You are not boring and lame . Its just your inner self that tells this to you. Be optimistic and take everything with a pinch of salt. Open up yourself, experience new things in lif ebe an extrovert and hang around with your friends.
  • Don't worry, plenty more there. You're not all alone.
  • I saw someone try to shame another because of that kind of answers "I don't know" and answers similar; at least it IS an answer that is how I view it. And I don't look down on anybody who answers that way.
  • You have a case of mistaken identity.......... with thought and feelings that you call self. Life, any life will never be satisfied in a box of our limited perception. Go for a walk in nature and look and listen outwardly and inwardly. You just may have moments where you are free from your ideas of yourself.
  • You start by using your real photo as an avatar. when the girls see how hot you are,you're troubles are over.
  • Why are you so boring ?, my question is why would you ask this of a bunch of people who ... 1st of all ..don't know you ? 2nd of all ..don't really care about you ? Were you looking for sympathy? Yes, you will get the "we love Jesus" crowd, who want you to understand that Jesus loves you. But do you really care about that ? I suspect not. Or did you just want to see your avatar on a website ? Considering you haven't had the "balls" to answer anybody else yet ... I double-dog-dare you to answer this comment ! Oh, and stop erasing your questions after people have taken the time to answer them. By doing so, you not only make yourself look like a wet dish rag .. you insult the good people who have taken the time to try and help you !

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