• Normally I would not be so dour, and would say some chirpy thing like "Quit playing games and just tell him what you think of him..." or some such. In this case, though, I think the evidence is pretty clear. He is just not interested. Item: You started the conversation. Item: He has NOT replied to the last couple of texts. Item: He simply repeats your questions. Item: He has never actually "messaged" you on his own. Item: When he answers, his replies are short and lacking in detail. Tally that all up, and you have to read a distinct lack of interest. Don't be hurt. It might not be you. There may be all sorts of other factors that you cannot know. Bottom line, just stop. You will only annoy him and set yourself up for disappointment. About the only thing I would add is that if you stop altogether - and suddenly he inquires why you stopped, then you may have a chance. (In effect, stopping may - though I think it highly unlikely - get you what you have not been able to get by reaching out to him.) Other than that, you sound like a lovely young lady - and I am sure you will find the right guy. It is just that this guy is not the one.
    • Auntieb345
      Thanks! I've never dated so I didn't know what to think.
    • dorat
      My pleasure. Just keep in mind that if you want to get a million miles out of a guy, pay him a compliment. Tell him that something he said or did really impressed you, or that he is good looking. That kind of thing will be encouraging and give him the first shot at asking you out. (Don't be surprised, though, if you have to do that once or twice. Guys - and I speak as one - don't always pick up even the most obvious signals. The younger they are, generally the worse they are at getting signals. Not because they are bad, but because they are as inexperienced in their way as you are in yours.) Give him the first and second chances to ask you out. A gentleman, in my view, should always be given the opportunity to ask first. If he doesn't, then ask him in a casual way. Not, "Do you want to go out on a date?" Rather, "Would you like to have coffee sometime" (or go to a movie or whatever.)? If he says "Yes," then ask him what day and time would work best for him. (If you suggest a time, he can always say that it won't work.) If he is vague, then ask him what he is doing on a Saturday - day, not evening - make evening the second choice. After that, watch how he treats you. This is hard and gets involved with reading your own mind as well as his, but if he treats you like a friend, back off. Exception: At the end of the "date," ask him if he had a good time. This allows him to ask you out - if he wants to. So there you have it - a guy's view of how to get a guy to ask you out - or alternatively, how to ask him out. Best of luck. That all said, I think that you can be fairly sure the guy you mentioned in your question won't work out for you.
  • Kiddo, you're interested but he isn't. If you'd slow down and put your engine in neutral for a bit you can re-read your own question to see the problem: 1. He doesnt start the conversations, you do. 2. He ignores texts. 3. He doesnt comment on pictures you send and he doesnt send any to you Telling him you arent a good conversationalist is the same thing as trying to get him to feel sorry for you. Trying to entice someone by using a negative character aspect is down right self-degrading and desperate. NEVER USE THAT IN ANY RELATIONSHIP, ITS PATHETIC. You are wasting time on this guy. He isnt interested. Re-read the 3 descriptions that you wrote about him in your story. He just hasn't been rude about it hoping you'll get the picture. I think you have and thats why you are desperately wanting to use the feel sorry for me ploy. Everyone you meet is not The One. We all go through a lot of toads trying to find our prince. Let this one go and keep looking. The one who is interested will text you and suggest getting together. Good Luck!
  • Face to face talking is always better than texting. That's too impersonal.

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