• Wow!! Good question. I am not sure I know the answer. It varies quite a bit. I have a political job so sometimes, especially during congressional recesses, it can be quite a bit of time with her. Other times, when Congress is in session, I leave at 6 in the morning and get home at 2 the next morning. When our first baby was born, my gf quit her job to be a stay at home mommy. However, she recently was asked by her former employer to take on a freelance project. She will have a work at home option, but to start for the last two weeks and the next one or two, she has to go into the office. (That's why I am taking time off right now and why I am home so much. I have more vacation time and our boys need someone to get them off to school and our daughter is home more than not. She does have a nursery school two days a week and I take her to the neighborhood (indoor, suffice to say) pool on Monday afternoons.) Soon that will all revert back to normal. The only other thing I can throw in is that my gf and I always make sure to do a "date night" once a month. We have a great place and a special table at a restaurant in Alexandria. We also, always for our de facto anniversary around Valentine's Day, book a long weekend in either the Hotel Washington - we live in the burbs - or at a bed and breakfast on the Chesapeake Bay. We leave the kids with grandma and grandpa or with their aunt - and go from Friday to Monday. If we do DC, we dress up for dinner one night, we might go to a play at the Kennedy Center or go dancing or whatever - and have sex. If we go to the Bay, it being winter - we just have sex. (Kidding - sort of.) So, I can't really nail it down to hours, but we do try to make time for ourselves.
    • officegirl
      Thank you for your answer.

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