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  • Don't try and label it. Sounds like you just want to be like them. I did that when I was your age too. I loved girl singers/bands and bought all of their stuff and sang along with them. Some of my friends would start to dress like them. I say just relax and enjoy liking what you like. You don't need a label it at this point in your life.
    • ChanMi
      Thanks, but i don't want to be like her because i can't handle so much fans and celebrity things...i am just in love with her and nothing more.
    • Ls1fst98
      Dont label it, love is love...if thats who you feel a connection to so be it.
  • No of course not. That is just a name that people have made up to try and force us into a certain classification. You are made to give and receive love but such a long-distance crush is not love. Sounds like you need to develop more concrete interests and work for yourself that you like and are meaningful to you so you don't spend so much time mooning about "love". Get busy and have a life.

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