• I love Cauliflower...Most of the time I steam and serve it covered with cheese sauce.
    • Ice man
      MMmmmm ... cheese sauce. Soooo good !! : ) :
  • I love it. I steam it and sprinkle with parmesan. Sometimes I eat it raw and might dip it in ranch dressing. It's a good addition to any stirfry as well.
    • Ice man
      I do the very same things. Thanks : )
  • I make a cauliflower stir-fry with whole wheat linguine. With carrots, mushrooms, capers, sweet red peppers, basil, and toasted pine nuts and add some wine to the saute. For seasoning I smush up a small can of anchovies. I believe this is a variation of a traditional Sicilian dish. Or I will put them in a stir fry or stir fry them separately with a little hot peppers. Delicious. Near where we live they have Clover food trucks and restaurants and they make a wonderful overstuffed pita sandwich called a Sharan which has fried cauliflower with some kind of a hot pepper sauce and coleslaw and perhaps lettuce.
    • Ice man
      I'm allergic to all things seafood, so the anchovies are out but the rest sounds very interesting. Thanks
  • Roll with dip but steamed with cheese is good too

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