• Sometimes (from what I have seen) guys who have talked at least about marriage with their girl will take them to "look" at rings so you have an idea what she likes.
  • Just pick a ring you think she will like. dont worry too much about the ring. the ring wont matter to her if she loves you. its not about the ring its about you 2 loving each other :0) good luck
  • My wife picked hers out. Otherwise you just have to decide how much you're willing to spend and take a guess at style.
  • Nowadays, the ring should mean something to the couple- it doesnt have to be a diamond. Traditionally, if a diamond, rule of thumb was 3 months of your salary to pay for the ring. The shape of a stone can mean something to the girl so its really best to find out what shape stones she likes. You can try reading for info. And congrats!
  • try and find out what kind of stones, shape of rings she could look through magazines with her to get an idea..also you may want to consider an alternative stone other than a diamond! diamond mining is bad buisness!
  • aaaaawwww how sweet i am sure she will love anything you pick her as long as its a gift from the heart and an engagement ring is the number one gift from the heart your just nervous but it'll be great dont worry just pick one you think she will like and i am sure she will just love it no matter what size shape or amount it is
  • For me, I picked a stone in my price range and then I looked at settings. It was the setting that made my decission. I found a setting that highlighted the stone better than the standard setting and made the ring more original. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the right one for me. In the long run though, the ring is unimportant. The fact that you chose to buy one is the important thing.
  • Go to a jewelry shop, pick a few that you think she might like. Plan a date with her, tell her your going out for lunch or something. Get as many of your friends and family in on it. Every meets at the jewelry shop before you get there. You walk her in and propose there. Then have her pick one of your choices.
  • Whichever one you think will make her cry, and smile at the sametime.
  • You have several options. Your first one is to just guess. Ok, so yes, we love our men, and our marriage is way more important than whether we like the ring. This is all true. However, your lady will have to wear this ring every single day for the rest of her life. Shouldn't it be one that is her style? I only recommend this if you really know what her taste is, or if you absolutely know she won't care. Another option is talking to her friends (if you know they can keep their mouths shut). Ask if she has mentioned what she likes -- it's possible she's already pointed out styles that wants. This is a great option if you really want to surprise her with your proposal. If you two have already discussed marriage, then you might take her shopping and "jokingly" (or seriously) ask her what kinds of rings she likes. Just kind of as you pass the store. Your final choice is not having a ring when you propose, or having a "placeholder" ring if you really need to do the one-knee-holding-out-the-rock proposal. Many modern women love the idea of picking out rings together -- they go with their fiance, and pick out both the engagement ring and wedding rings at the same time, so they match. Frankly, it probably won't matter all that much which choice you go with -- congratulations on your impending engagement! I know she'll be thrilled with whatever you choose. One final note: that "three months' salary" rule is crap. Get the ring you like and that you think she'll like. What kind of girl looks at her ring and goes, "This doesn't look like three paychecks' worth of ring"? My ring doesn't cost nearly that much, and I love it. If you're still freaking out, this site might help out: It's very straightforward and informative. Good luck!
  • You could find out in a roundabout way, like tell her you heard so-and-so just got engaged and he gave her this huge rock, then wait for her comments about the ring. She might elaborate on what kind of ring she wants, and there you have your answer hopefully without hinting at what you're trying to do. :) Good luck!
  • Propose. Then both go and choose a ring that means something to both of you
  • .. by how much is in your wallet.
  • well see what you think she will like to wear and try finding one that will suit her.
  • First talk with her dad and have his blessing (yes . . . even in this day and age, it's the class thing to do and shows a lot of maturity). Then ask her. If she accepts, go together to pick out the ring. That way you can be sure she really, really loves it. You should talk about the investment and what you have to invest. Otherwise, just get her a huge zirconia setting and pop it to her.
  • Getting one of her friends who knows what she likes is a great idea. My best friend and I are single and we've already had that conversation where we agreed to help one anothers' future husbands pick out a ring. Good luck and congratulations.
  • Ask her. I am personally not a diamond or gold loving girl. So, when my hubby went for the ring, he was lucky he asked me first. White gold with three pure aquamarine stones. Aquamarine is so clear blue (the good kind) that it actually resembles a diamond with a blue tint.
  • take her to a jewelry store and see which one she keeps going back to, looking at, and trying on.
  • First set your price range mentally. Then take her shopping. Find out what she really likes. Utter surprise doesn't work with lots of women. She may surprise you, and you both may compromise. My wife settled for a diamond because I couldn't afford an emerald she would like.
  • Well, have you talked about it or are you completely suprising her? If you've talked about it already, take her to a jewelry store and have her pick a couple out (or if she finds "the one" let her chose that) If she picks more then one then which one she gets can still be a suprise (if that's important to you). If you haven't talked about it, propose but don't get a ring. You two can pick one out together which alot of girls do find fun and just as meaningful.
  • The simplest answer is to buy about 100 boxes of cracker jacks and start opening them. I sure wished once that I'd taken that advise.
  • ask someone in her family what kinds of rings she likes

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